MAT 8100 Plus


Engine type: Diesel, four cycle with direct injection
Nominal power (kw/HP): 58/78
Cooling: with liquid


Clutch – command: mechanical, hydraulic action
Gearbox - no. of speeds: 24-24
Gear range - progress (km/h): I 0.540 – XXIV 39.460
Number of wheels x engine wheels (piece): 4x4
Independent power plug - revolution (rot/min): 540 or 540/1,000
Service break - command: mechanical, hydraulic action
Direction system - action: hydraulic servomechanism
Hydraulic lifter - cylinders: mono-block type with additional cylinder
Total mass in service (kg): 3,885
Standard equipment: ergonomic cabin and ventilated panoramic.
The air conditioner is optional.;

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