Pieces and components processed on machines with CNC

The technological equipment

The technological equipment of this sector is composed of machines of great productivity and precision with numeric command of latest generation, acquired from the MAZAK Japanese company. Among the machines that compose this sector there are :
✔ CNC lathes with two axis of the type: QTN 200x100, QTN250x100 and QTN350x1200u
✔ lathe with automate charge in 3 axis and two universals of the MSY 250 type
✔ vertical centers in three axis with tool lockers of VCN 510 C type
✔ processing center in 5 VARIAXIS axis with rotary blade and tool locker
✔ horizontal processing center in 3 axis of FH 800 type
✔ laser cutting machine – TurboMarkII type
✔ sheet –metal bending machine with CNC to 16 mm thick and bending length of 4120 mm

Characteristics and advantages

CNC Mazak tool-machines are characterized by:
✔ maxim precision of execution by automated measurement of the tools
✔ smaller times of execution
✔ decrease of the production costs
✔ increased productivity
✔ decrease of the preparation time
✔ recurrence
In this way, with the CNC Mazak machines we offer to the interested firms, including those that operate in fields of high technicality, a large range of parts and components of great complexity, manufactured in irreproachable conditions of precision and quality, to extremely competitive prices.


✔ parts processed by cutting, bending or curving
✔ cog-wheels with straight and prone teeth with maxim Ø of 250 mm and maxim module of 6 mm
✔ conic cog-wheels with straight teeth with maxim Ø of 250 mm and maxim module of 7 mm
✔ mechanical sleeves of any shape with maxim Ø of 420 mm
✔ discs and collars with maxim Ø of 685 mm
✔ spine shafts with the maxim length of 982 mm and maxim Ø of 350 mm
✔ axis straight shafts with the length of 982 mm and Ø of 420 mm
✔ shells with the maxim weight of 1300 kg, stroke on the axis x=1050 mm, on axis y=800 mm, and on axis Z=880 mm
✔ levers and forks
✔ plates or plan pieces with any contour shape, with maxim dimensions of 1250x2500 mm and widths to 12 mm – cut with the laser

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