The history of MAT Craiova began in the year 1878, in a fabrication and repairing workshop of agricultural machines, branch of the English company called Clayton-Shussliworth. Fifteen years later, there took place the association with the Austro-Hungarian company called Richard Graepel, and, in the year 1910 began the construction of new industrial halls and more performant workshops.

The period 1878 – 1939, characterized by many difficulties, was crucial for the development of the future destiny as great producer of agricultural technique..

The Etatism, 1951-1989, marked other three important stages in the development of the company:

- 1st stage, between the years 1951-1960

There was the transition from the quite simple agricultural equipment to the fabrication of modern agricultural machines.

-  2nd stage, between the years 1961-1974

It developed and began to dominate the production of agricultural machines specific to the agriculture on large and very large surfaces.

The year 1974, by assimilation into the fabrication of the first type of tractor ever manufactured in Craiova, the tractor with hydraulic loader TIH 445, was the passage to a superior level of competence and technicality. This important moment was preceded by the inauguration of the present headquarters from Decebal Boulevard.

- 3rd stage, between the years 1974-1989

The period consolidated the position of the company as a great manufacturer of tractors and agricultural machines.

The disappearance of the over-centralized state after December 1989, the modification of the property regime and the passage to the free market economy, had an important impact on The Enterprise of Tractors and Agricultural Machines in Craiova, as it was called at that time.

The process of division of the farmlands and the decay of the former CAP and IAS completely modified the structure of the demand of tractors and agricultural machines and, gradually, it reduced its volume.

In this context, MAT Craiova adapted to the new market conditions by assimilation into production of the tractors of 45 HP and the agricultural machines specific to them.

In the year 1992, in collaboration with an Italian society, with which, three years later founded the mixt company called MAT MAGRIT, there were launched, for the first time on the Romanian market, motorized spuds and motorized-cultivators, agricultural equipment made for the exploitation of small agricultural terrains. In addition, there were rapidly assimilated new models of equipments and tractors.

With all this effort, it became clear that the only solution to relaunch the efforts of effectiveness of the company was its immediate privatization with an investor willing to continue to sustain the modernization of its main profile and that could allow the necessary competitive jump to insure its success in the conditions of the integration of Romania in the European Union.

On September 26th 2003, after 55 years of Etatism, MAT Craiova came back, integrally in the private property, the major package of stocks being acquired by S.C. Autocora Alexandria.

The program of investments, of several millions of Euro, allowed, in a record time, the equipping of the company with machines of last generation and the implementation of a new technological organization according to the strategic objectives programmed on a short, medium and long period.

Today, we are the only national manufacturer of agricultural and multifunctional tractors. The specialization in the production of equipments, machines and implements for the agricultural farms, industry, constructions and mining or local administrations, places us on the first place in the top of the largest internal manufacturers. At the same time, we offer to our clients over 5,000 spare parts, and with the CNC machinery, we offer service for the processing of pieces made by cutting, bending or embossing and mechanical processing. In addition, through the sector dedicated to metallic constructions, we fabricate squint, welded enclosures, bunkers and tanks for the companies that work in the field of high technicality.

Our answer to the ever-increasing competition on the market remains always constant: the supporting of a performant offer, attractive pricing, efficient distribution, prompt and qualified post-sell services.

We assure our clients, to whom we owe respect and gratitude, that we will always put to their service our entire force, tradition and competence !