Did you know that by using...

✎ ... a tractor MAT 8100 Plus, one can reduce the fuel usage with 19% to the classic tractors?

✎... a reversible plough PR 2 / PR 3, the economy of fuel is of 8-10%, and the work time decreases with 12% ?

✎... a heavy harrow SUPERDISC 6,4 NIVA, you replace the plowing in the stubbles of sun flowers and maize?

✎... the combiner C 4,6 / C 6, you replace the processing with the disc harrow and leveling machine, ... the working time decreasing with almost 30%, and the quality of the work increases with 25%?

✎... the disc seeding-machines for the cereals SC 31 DN, you decrease the time allocated for the work with 15% and increase the speed of the work ?

✎... spare parts manufactured by MAT Craiova, you have the advantage to use original parts, continuing to use the machines to the previously established levels?